This was written for Ernie by Sharif Sharali, one of his basketball players and a close friend of Ernie’s chidren.  Sharif spent two days and two nights at Ernie’s side as he was dying and wrote this during the vigil.


God forbid your dying day
But I’ll be there hand in hand
When you pass away
Even death couldn’t do us apart
Cause forever you’ll stay in my heart

When I was lost
You were the one who found me
When I was lost
You were the one who guided me
You showed me love
When no one else did
You saw something in me
When I was just a kid
When no one else thought it was worth it
You put up a fight
You gave me what no one could
You showed me the light

One day when you leave this mess
I’ll be a great day
For even an ANGEL has its nest
And I hope you look at me as a son
Cause to me you are a father
When no one else cared
When no one else would bother

I promise when you leave
I’ll do everything I can for your family
I’ll be there with an open heart and a helping hand
For you made me who I am today
You made me a man.

As time goes by…
Days after days and years after years
Know that I’ll still be shedding tears
For you’ll no longer be with me
And all I will have are our memories
And during my times of desperation
I’ll be okay
Cause you’ll be looking down at me from heaven
I know forever with me you’ll stay.