At Dreams Don’t Die, we celebrate the life and times of Ernie Wallengren. His struggles, optimism, and commitment are what drive us to reach out to ALS patients all across the United States. We share his dreams and his vision -- a cure for ALS -- and carry on his campaign.

The Legacy of Ernie Wallengren

“Life’s hardships can either make us bitter or better.”

Ernie Wallengren was a multiple award-winning American tv producer and writer who penned some of television’s top series, such as The Waltons, Falcon Crest, Touched by an Angel, Promised Land, Doc, and others. When diagnosed with ALS, Ernie was left paralyzed and robbed of speech, but with the help of technology and a fearless attitude he worked up until the time of his death.

As the disease progressed he struggled, persisted, and inspired others with his optimism. Until he succumbed to his illness he was a spokesman for all ALS sufferers, contributing time and effort toward ALS research and the development of a cure.

Carrying the Legacy Forward

At Dreams Don’t Die, we invite you to share Ernie’s legacy with us while playing your part in eliminating ALS once and for all. If you or any loved one is suffering from this disease, know you are not alone. Join us, search our pages, take heart, and never let your dreams die….

As a nonprofit organization affiliated with the ALS Association, we help cater to the needs of over thirty thousand people suffering from ALS all across the nation. We:

Raise awareness of the disease
Make information available regarding research trials
Engage in community and corporate outreach programs
Sponsor a series of sporting events to raise funds for ALS research
Help Lou Gehrig’s patients live their lives with dignity, acceptance, honor, and humor

Join us today and learn more about combating ALS. Help us realize Ernie’s dream, play your part in keeping his legacy alive, become our friend, and reach out to those around you – patients, family and friends -- who are affected by Lou Gehrig’s Disease.