Below is the current game schedule for Hoopfest 2016.  We tried to accommodate everyone who placed a request of when they would like their game times.  If there are any issues with this schedule please let us know and we will do what we can to make any necessary changes.  If you did not list a team when you signed up you will be playing with the team "Free Agents". Please make sure to spread the word to your team as I was only able to add the emails of those who registered online or emailed me directly.  I do want to mention that we have a pair of open game slots later in the day.  We generally have a open court during that time for anyone that is interested in playing.  As always feel free to stick around before or after your games as players tend to jump into games where teams may need an extra.   Also, we have links below to our waivers as everyone that is playing will need to have one signed.  This is especially vital for those that are minors as we will need a parent or guardian signature.  We will also have these on hand at the event so they can be signed there.  Please remember this event is for charity and we want everyone to have a great time.  Good luck with your games!!
Game Time Court A (Team # 1) Court A (Team # 2) Court B (Team # 1) Court B (Team # 2)
9:00 Ca. 101 Basketball u12 Ernie’s Original School Ernie’s Old School Tubbs Squad
9:30 Ca. 101 Basketball u10 Ballers Ernie’s Dream Team # 2 Ca. 101 Basketball u14
10:00 Ca. 101 Basketball u12 Ballers Ernie’s Dream Team # 1 Ernie’s Old School
10:30 Ca. 101 Basketball u12 Ernie’s Dream Team # 2 Ernie’s Original School Tubbs Squad
11:00 Ca. 101 Basketball u10 Ernie’s Original School Ca. 101 Basketball u14 CHS Frosh
11:30 Tubbs Squad Ernie’s Dream Team # 1 Ernie’s Old School Crespi
12:00 Ca. 101 Basketball u10 Ernie’s Dream Team # 2 Ernie’s Original School CHS Frosh
12:30 Free Agents Ca. 101 Basketball u14 Ernie’s Dream Team # 1 CHS Frosh
1:00 Crespi MonStars Ernie’s Dream Team # 2 Campbell Hall
1:30 MonStars Campbell Hall Ballers ????
2:00 Crespi Campbell Hall MonStars Free Agents
2:30 Dragons (13 & Under) Free Agents Musketeers (13 & Under) ????
3:00 Dragons (13 & Under) Musketeers (13 & Under) (No Games) (No Games)